We at Shrinivas Enterprises, also assist our customers in Electrical Risk Assessment through Brady ID Technical Services.
In the Electrical Risk Assessment Identify the electrical hazards associated with the task and the deviation/gap w.r.t electrical system, or electrical process involved as per the IS, IEE, IEC Standards, CEA regulations,OSHA & NFPA 70E.

Please find the below few checkpoints which we are going to verify during our gap

1. Visible Double Earthing
2. 30mA ELCB/RCBO/ELR/Ground Fault Relay
3. Cable color coding
4. Cable Glanding
5. Panel holes plugging
6. Wire Ferruling
7. Cable Lug
8. Cable dressing
9. Cable tray earthing
10. Switch & Light Identification
11. Panel Room Identification & Authorised Personnel display
12. Panel SLD Availability
13. Panel Identification & Standardization
14. Panel Indication lamps availability
15. Panel key availability
16. Panel Rubber Mat availability/ IS compliance and Installation practice standardization.
17. Arc Flash Analysis, Label & Boundary Marking
18. Smoke detector in Panel room
19. Availability of First aid Poster in Panel Room
20. PPE Availability
21. Lux Level in the panel room
22. Equipment’s wiring diagram Manual availability
23. Panel Room housekeeping
24. Panel Room Fire Extinguisher identification & Boundary marking
25. Earth Discharge Rod & Rescue puller availability in Panel Room
26. Panel to Panel Spacing
27. Breaker LOTO Provision
28. Earth Pit Resistance
30. Individual Electrical Panel room Responsibility
31. General Safety, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, CPR & First Aid visual Signages
32. Basic Electrical Training
33. Arc Flash Hazard Training
And many more.