Product Code – HM502

Features & Benefits

The Honeywell North® HM500 Series Half Mask is engineered as a lightweight: durable soft half mask with easy operation features. Available in non-drop-down and drop-down versions: to ensure better comfort and convenience for extended wear. The drop-down option allows workers to remove the masks without taking off hard hats: earmuffs or eyewear.

Fully compatible with the HM500: Honeywell N-Series Filters and Cartridges are quick and easy to attach: securely staying in place to give you the confidence that the job will be done safely and productively.

Working in oil & gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing or metal industries inherently involves the risk of inhaling harmful particles, vapors and gases, and wearing respiratory protection is not always comfortable. With our long-standing expertise in respiratory protection and a deep understanding of worker needs, Honeywell North has redefined the notion of comfort, efficiency and safety. The lightweight design, the soft material, the easy operation features and the dropdown function makes HM500 a respiratory solution workers will want to wear. The HM500 mask is also available in a drop-down version for better usability.