For manufacturers, carriers or dealers of sensitive products there are strict legal regulations and guidelines which apply for monitoring temperature and humidity, e.g. GxP and 21 CFR Part 11. This means the prescribed temperature or humidity values must be continuously measured and monitored. Air humidity is also the basis for assessing thermal comfort levels when planning, choosing and setting heating and ventilation systems. Recommendations for the relative air humidity in an area fall within a range of a minimum of 30% up to a maximum value of 65% relative humidity.

Key differentiators of our Honeywell Hygrometer include –
• Audio Alarm in case of breach
• Visual LED alarm on display in case of low battery
• Better accuracy and stability over working operating range (±3% for RH & ±0.5DegC
for Temperature)
• Max/Min thermo-hygro records on display

ParametersHoneywell Specifications

*Representative Image*
Temperature measurement Range-10°C to +50°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5 °C (0-50°C)
RH measurement range1% to 95 %RH
RH accuracy±3 %RH (@ 25 °C, operating range – 30%-90 %RH)
Remaining range ±5 %RH
Resolution0.1 °C / °F / %RH
Dew Point Calculation and DisplayAvailable
Date & Time DisplayAvailable
Min/Max Display of recordsAvailable
Installation optionsWall Hanging / Table Top
Housing MaterialABS
Factory CertificateAvailable on request
Alarm – Low BatteryAvailable on LCD Display
Alarm – Temp + RH breachAvailable on LCD Display
Audio alarm / buzzer in case of T+RH breachAvailable
Dimensions150 x 86 x 23 mm (tentative)
Battery Type3 AAA alkaline batteries
Warranty1 Year 
Honeywell Hygrometer

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