With over 62 years of rich experience in serving the Indian industry, PRS Permacel offers customer-specific solutions in the chosen segments of Insulation, Identification, Aesthetic Enhancements, Brand Building and Protection through its Industrial and Automotive divisions:

Industrial Business –

Industrial Business Automotive Business
Railways and Metro Rail Two Wheeler
Electrical EquipmentFarm Equipment
Power Generation and DistributionCommercial Vehicles
Defense and AerospacePassenger Vehicles
Renewable EnergyAuto Ancillary
Telecom Industry
General Industry

Most Common Applications


Target Application – Sealing Application

P229N is reusable sealing tape for –

-Junction Box Sealing/ Control Panel Sealing/ Unused Holes Sealing/ Water
Proof Sealing/ Rodent Protection.
-Can be used many times on clean surface/ Very Strong adhesion and abrasion
resistant property.
-Non Conductive and complete oil proof.


Target Application – JB Door Sealing

Gasket Replacement tape, used for JB sealing/ Control room dust sealing.


Target Application – FR Jointing, General Insulation for LT Application

-Replacement for PVC tape, FR property.

-High Strength, Water Proof, LT tape for cable joint and general insulation requirements.


Target Application – HT Application. Joints and Cable Protection

-Silicon Rubber self amalgamating Tape for HT applications.
-Moisture Proof,
-Anti Tracking
-Bus bar Insulation.
-HT Cable Joints.
-Splicing and cable protection

ER 43

Target Application – Motor Maintenance

-Red Insulation Varnish, used for Motor Maintenance and Insulation requirement,
-H Class glossy varnish

P537 Thousleev

Target Application – FR and Fire protection sleeve cable protection sleeve

Siliconized sleeve with FR Property for 1000 Deg temp resistance , Protection against fire and chemical corrosion, used as sleeve for cable near to heat zone and fire zone, can be used for Cable joints and lug

P401-Permic 5&11

Target Application – Floor Coating, Bus Bar Coating, Equipment and Panel door coating HT
Antitracking Coating

‘PERMACEL make P401 MV Permic- 11’ Flame retardant coating designed for electrical insulation in
wide range of electrical equipment and applications.