In our endeavour to provide and upgrade Safety Standards across industries in MP.

Safety Scissors

With a blunted tip and guarded 3.5” blades, the stainless steel safety blades are built for durability. The safety scissors minimize puncture wound risk while cutting all materials like a traditional scissor.

Ambidextrous and green color, with large finger holes with soft-touch polymer, these safety scissors were designed and developed in partnership with safety professionals to maximize safety, ease of use, visibility, and comfort when used daily.

Concealed Blade Safety Knife

Developed with and for safety professionals, the concealed blade is the ideal multi-purpose safety knife.

The Concealed blade ergonomic ambidextrous handle, with easy tool-free blade change and guarded blade technology, avoids blade edges coming in contact with skin.

Riteknife Flowthrough Technology minimizes friction and maintains optimal blade angle to eliminate repetitive motion injuries and lower the force needed for cutting.

The molded tape splitter allows for easy penetration into clear packaging tapes as well as fiber-reinforced box tapes.

Auto Retractable Safety Knife

Innovation meets safety and durability, with the safety knife. This ergonomic safety knife was developed in partnership with safety professionals to set the standard for automatic safety knives in the industry. With over 1 inch of blade extension, the safety knife can safely cut heavy-duty materials such as double or triple wall corrugated, heavy-duty rubber, and difficult-to-cut plastic bands. It also excels for slabbing paper, film or foil.

Equipped with fast-acting Blade Guard Technology to prevent lacerations, and a patented, easy tool-free blade change, you can feel confident that every feature has been designed to eliminate risk of lacerations and repetitive motion injuries.

Safety Scrapper

Designed with a spring-loaded mechanism, the blade within the safety scrapper sits safely within an ergonomic handle, after each cut. The mechanism has a patented design to prevent the push-back force from being transmitted through the scraper to the user’s thumb.

With the Safety scrapper spring-loaded safety technology, you will feel confident that you’re protected from injury—and frustration. As with our entire line of safety knives, the safety scrapper is fitted with Mozart® blades, which are known for their longevity and durability.

Precision Pen Knife

Safety knives this small and precise don’t typically have the safety features needed for deburring and degating at scale—which leads to small accidental punctures and cuts that can add up.

The Pen Knife puts safety in your hands.

Developed in partnership with safety professionals, the Precision Pen Knife features a retractable blade, blade locking mechanism, and tool-free blade change that ensure personnel can control the blunted tip blade no matter the task. With the familiar shape of a pencil or pen, this multi-skilled tool can solve a variety of precise cutting tasks while keeping personnel safe.

Safety Cutter

With a micro ceramic blade, the Safety Cutter is the ideal safety knife for effortlessly cutting single-layer materials without the risk of accidental slips and cuts.

Developed with and for safety professionals, this unique safety knife features an integrated magnet for easy fastening to the many metal surfaces found on the floor of warehouses and factories. The Riteknife green cutter has a lanyard hole that ensures the Safety Cutter is always on hand.

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