When working in places where the air is contaminated, harmful, or uncomfortable for breathing, the reliability of your supplied air system is a matter of utmost importance.
With proven expertise in protecting workers against respiratory hazards for over 100 years and a deep understanding of worker needs, Honeywell has created fresh air respirator systems providing enhanced protection and comfort in harsh work environments.
Benefit from durable, lightweight supplied air systems that guarantee safety, mobility, and maneuverability in confined spaces, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, military, mining and other challenging industries.

Honeywell Supplied Air Line Systems comprises of –

  1. North By Honeywell : A161368 Air Flow Regulator

    •Unique patented design
    •Modern slim and low profile design reduces the chance of catching
    •Simple to use
    •Including odor filter for improved operator comfort
    •Precise flow adjustment increases wearer comfort
    •Flow adjustment friction prohibits unintended airflow change
    •No moving parts reduces chance of malfunction
    •Certification CE Approved for use with North airhoods, welding airhoods and full face masks.
  2. Honeywell : LOC-FP-1 Filter Panel

    The Honeywell compressed air filtration unit has been designed to deliver high quality breathable air to a range of respiratory devices. ∙Compressed air factory network contained particles and traces of oil and water, Honeywell filtration unit removes these through its coalescing filter. Where the removal of oil vapor and odor is necessary the use of a carbon absorber filter is required. ∙The Honeywell filtration unit can supply breathable air for up to two operators using supplied air respirators, or up to two operators using respirators in combination with auxiliary tools such as hand held paint spraying equipment.
  3. North By Honeywell – CF 2007 Air Line Adapter

    • Threads onto North cartridge connectors – Adapts to North 5500 & 7700 half masks and 5400 & 7600 full facepieces. Choose the right facepiece for your work environment and budget. Provides flexibility for different worksite protection levels. No additional fit testing.
    • Breathing tube hoses are located on worker’s back – Hoses are out of the way of the work zone. Even weight distribution. Hose will not pull down on facepiece. Will not interfere with tasks at hand. Less worker fatigue. More secure fit.
    • Low profile connections – When used with half mask, fits under welding helmets and face shields. Add additional eye and face protection for welding, grinding and other applications.
    • NIOSH approved for use with 5400 and 7600 with welding adapter – May be used for welding applications. Provide welders with the increased respiratory protection of a full facepiece.
    • 360 degree swivel on facepiece connection – Allows full movement of breathing tube without loosening the connection. Extra secure and safe – will not come off even during the most strenuous movements.
    • Soft flexible hoses at top, next to worker’s face and neck – More comfortable and moves with worker. Increased worker acceptance. Improved productivity, workers are not restricted.
  4. Choice of Any Half/Full Face Pieces – 5500 & 7700 (Half Masks) & 5400 & 7600 (Full Masks).