We have a excellent product for Welding Spatter Issues. Our Anti-spatter Solution builds a highly effective protection against welding spatter in the gas nozzle area, on the workpiece and the welding fixtures and are easy to handle.

What is Welding or Weld Spatter?

Welding Spatter (Circled in Yellow)

Weld spatter consists of droplets of molten metal or non-metallic material that are scattered or splashed during the welding process. These small bits of hot material may fly and fall on the workbench or on the floor, while others may stick to the base material or any surrounding metallic material.

They are easy to identify since they are round, small, ball-like substances when they solidify.

Solution To Welding Spatter Issues – Welding Anti Spatter Compound

• A water-based, organic formula.
• Non-corrosive to most ferrous alloys and aluminum alloys.
• Thin, anti-adherent film.
• Superior finish with no rainbow formation.
• Easy application, easy spatter removal.
• Safe on hands and does not give out harmful vapors. Only gives our water vapor during the welding process.
• Does not react with welding gases.
• Free of foul odors associated with mineral oil-based products.


Variants of Anti Spatter Solution Available

Anti Spatter Solution (Ready To Use) – Pre Diluted with Water

Anti Spatter Solution (Concentrate) – De Mineralized Water has to be added based on the welding results required.


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